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The leadership team of spirited entrepreneurs, lead a core team of seasoned professionals in moving Flowmatics towards an exciting horizon of higher growth.Flowmatics Ltd has a number of qualified Engineers, Managers and other support staff, who are all very well qualified and experienced in mechanical, electrical, telecommunications and business disciplines and all have appropriate knowledge in relevant computer applications.

In addition, the firm has established contacts with other specialist firms and individuals who can be called upon when required.

Staff Training

The firm provides continuous educational training and development for its staff. It is the firm’s priority to continually install software packages and programmes and continuously maintains and upgrades its computer systems. We also admit at least one university student for attachment every year during their long vacation to gain practical experience.

Management Information Systems

As a technology company Flowmatics Ltd adapts to modern day technology in order to provide the highest level of professional services to their clients. All the firm’s activities are therefore computerized with several computers, laptops, printers and associated facilities include the following:

  • 5 No. Fully loaded full time technical workstations – equipped with personal computers: Can be expanded as required.
  • 3 No. Laser black and white and colour printers.
  • Fully equipped library with a collection of relevant books, manuals and periodicals. This is periodically upgraded to reflect current technology.

Communications Facilities

For ease of communication, the firm is connected with several telephone lines (fixed and mobile). The firm is also connected to the Internet.

Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Systems

The firm provides its staff with all the updated and necessary equipment, facilities and training with regard to the health, safety and welfare awareness they require on site.

Financial Resources

The firm is able to undertake the works from their resources and with the support of our bank. We currently have a facility with our main bankers, Equity Bank Limited. We have had this facility since 2011 and we normally make use of it as and when we need it. We should therefore not have any financial problems undertaking any work given to us.