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About Us

Flowmatics is a Kenyan registered company in the business of delivering solutions in “smart metering, telemetry for data collection and system integration”.

The Company was formed in 2010 on the strong premise that technology can contribute significantly to reduce our water problems in Kenya and in Africa, and at basic minimum improve efficiency and effectiveness of utility companies.

Flowmatics was established under the backdrop of two realities:

One, is that the water companies established in 2004 (with the mandate of bulking and distributing water) were facing a myriad of management challenges.  Of great concern, was and still is, the high level of non-revenue water (NRW) with the associated losses seriously impeding their potential to serve more people.  Thus emerged the first line for Flowmatics – “smart metering, telemetry for data collection and system integration”.

Secondly, the high cost of Kenya’s electricity bills, the frequent black outs, the need to take advantage of our tropical climate and the country’s (and the world’s) move towards green energy.  Flowmatics aims to focus on solar energy in the near future – identifying green energy solutions for buildings, including the sourcing and installation off-grid and backup solar PV systems.

Since 2010, Flowmatics has moved from water companies to include industrial producers who are keen on measuring and tracking production.  Flowmatics has since become to be one of the leading system integrators in Kenya focusing on the provision of technology based solutions and support services in smart metering solutions for utilities and industrial applications.  This focus was informed by weak management information systems and losses experienced by industries and most of water service providers.

We offer a wealth of instrumentation and process automation solutions across the parameters of flow, level, pressure, temperature, liquid analysis and data acquisition via telemetry, including system components. To achieve this we work with various providers to scope and identify suitable measuring instruments and accompanying supporting telemetry solutions to collect the data from the installed instruments.

Presently we are working on a project for Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the body mandated to collect taxes in Kenya, where they have issued a directive that all spirits manufacturers should record their volume of production and send data remotely to KRA.

We have installedultrasonic electronic flow meters with remote reading capability via GPRS for thirty-two (32) producers. We are also ready with the remote data collection system from the installed meters and are awaiting commissioning from KRA.

We are also working with Nairobi City and Water Company in piloting an automated meter reading (AMR) solution, including system integration for bulk and medium consumers with the aim of improving data collection, billing and ultimately revenues for the Company.